Direct Repair Program

DRP stands for Direct Repair Program. These are programs that Insurance companies have in place with body shops. The insurance companies usually send the shops more business, the more they cut corners to save money. These programs are sometimes called “Network shops” or “Select Service” and the shops enlisted in the programs are commonly referred to as “preferred”, “recommended”, “network” or “selective” shops of the insurance company. Insurance companies put in place many rules and regulations for body shops who are on their “list” and sometime force the shops to do things that they would not otherwise do.

program process
Advantages of our program
No estimate or inspection needed prior to repairs

As a reliable partner in the Direct Repair Program, we expedite the process of insurance claim settlements to get your vehicle back on the road sooner than you thought possible. We work directly with the leading insurance companies for repair approval. After completing all the formalities, we send them electronically to the claims office with the photos of vehicle if required.

Direct Payment to the Repair Shop

Being the DRP partner for most of the leading insurance providers in the country, we can assure direct payments made to the repair shop for the amount of damage estimated. Upon the completion of repairs, the amount of your deductible stated in your insurance policy is collected and the invoice for the remaining amount is sent to the insurance company for claim settlement.

Priority service to the insured by the repair facility

The Direct Repair Program partners of insurance companies offer the high-quality priority services to the policyholders. At Jim Marsh Body Shop, we have teamed up with many trusted insurance providers to ensure complete satisfaction to each and every customer served by us. Your vehicle will get the priority status you deserve to get you back on the road as early as possible.

Guaranteed repairs for as long as the insured owns vehicle

We understand the significance of your trust and we trust our expertise in absolute terms. We provide a lifetime limited warranty on all of our repair services. This written warranty document is the proof of our commitment towards ensuring a complete peace of mind to all our customers as long as they own the vehicle.

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